Pontiac Enchanté Pop-up:

Café Earle, Wakefield

In this pop-up concert at Wakefield's cozy and historic Café Earle, Julia MacLaine and Carson Becke present an evening of music inspired by forests.  This concert is part of La Pêche Coalition for a Green New Deal's series of Autumn events called Forest Paths, which will examine the threats facing our forest (climate disruption-fires, forest biomass production, clear-cutting, sport-hunting, pesticide use), and showcase the benefits (carbon sink, biodiversity, clean air and water, mental and physical well-being). Musicians are heavily reliant on healthy forests: the instruments we play are made from very specific kinds of wood.  Many of those species, like Pernambuco - used to make bows for stringed instruments - are at risk of extinction due to habitat erosion and over harvesting.  Throughout this concert, Carson and Julia will speak about some of the hidden climate impacts that musicians and musical instruments have, and talk about how they see musicians playing their part in a greener, more forest-friendly future.

Friday, September 22nd, 2023         7:00pm


Ethel Smyth: Cello Sonata in A minor, op. 5

Antonin Dvorak: Silent Woods, op. 68 no. 5

Pablo Casals: Cant dell Ocells (Song of the Birds)

Claude Debussy: Sonate pour violoncelle et piano

Julia MacLaine, cello

Carson Becke, piano


Forest Paths

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