Carson Becke, piano


Carson Becke (1989-) after Giacomo Puccini (1858-1924)

Tosca Fantasy (based on themes from Act I)

This concert is being presented only a few days after the one year anniversary of the nation-wide Covid-19 lockdowns that have turned all of our lives upside-down over the past year.  While concert organizations have been able to continue to bring music to their audiences in new and creative ways - like live-streaming - large-scale music making in the form of operas or symphonic concerts has been particularly hard to produce, because of the large number of people involved.  This program evokes the sounds of both the opera house and the symphony hall, and pays tribute to the kind of grand music making that we all look forward to experiencing again after the pandemic subsides.  The first piece on the program is Carson's own 'musical summary' of the events of Act I of Puccini's opera Tosca.  The opera contains an incredible variety of music, ranging from tender love music to a bombastic scene featuring distant cannons, an organ, and a full choir.  Carson's 'Tosca Fantasy' evokes the grandeur of Puccini's opera through the piano.  The second set of pieces are all transcriptions of music by Richard Strauss, culminating in the ravishingly beautiful final trio and duet from Strauss's 1911 opera 'Der Rosenkavalier'.  The final work on the program is Julius Reubke's virtuosic and grandiose Piano Sonata in B flat minor, written as a tribute to his friend and mentor Franz Liszt.  Reubke's name is not well known today, partially because of his very small output.  He died tragically at the age of 24, and only completed two major works before his death: an Organ Sonata, and this Piano Sonata.  The Piano Sonata is cast in the mold of Liszt's century-defining Piano Sonata in B minor, and conjures up the sonic illusion of a full orchestra.  

Sunday, March 21st, 2021

2:00-4:00 pm


Richard Strauss (1864-1949) arr. Carson Becke

'Zueignung', op. 10 no. 1

Due to the current red-zone status of the Outaouais and MRC des Collines regions during the pandemic, this concert will likely be online only.  Click above to join us in our Virtual Concert Hall.  If this situation changes and we are able to sell limited in-person tickets for the event, we will notify our mailing list. Click here to join the list.

Symphonies and Operas

in Black and White

Richard Strauss arr. Walter Gieseking

'Ständchen', op. 17 no. 2

Richard Strauss arr. Konstantin Soukhovetski (1981-)

Trio from Act III of Der Rosenkavalier

Percy Grainger (1882-1961) after Richard Strauss

Ramble on the last love-duet from Der Rosenkavalier

Julius Reubke (1834-1858)

Piano Sonata in B flat minor